Printing instructions

To print your own copy of 'Lying and Thieving' as a 130 mm x 198 mm paperback, use A4 70 g/m2 bond paper (four pages per sheet: two on the front, two on the back - 111 sheets in total).

If you have a duplex printer, use the 'Booklet' setting. This will arrange the pages such that a bookbinder can cut the pile of printed sheets in half and then stack the one pile on the other. The assembled stack of pages will run 1 - 299, and be ready for further cutting, binding and finishing.

Here's the complete cover (PDF, 1 MB) - back, spine and front. It's oversized with a 1 mm bleed around the trimmable edges for a neat cut. Print it in grayscale (B&W) on 236 g/m2 or lighter A4 light board - outside gloss, inside matt.

A bookbinding firm will cut and glue the pages and bind them inside the cover provided for a small charge.